I love December. Bright, cold mornings with pale blue skies.

I feel so lucky to be working in the warm sunny studio on seasonal gifts and ideas.

I’m printing as much as I can between classes, work and chores. I’ve got a whole lot of new inks arriving at the end of this week for upping my block printing on fabric game. The inks we use in class are brilliant, have good stamina and are perfect for learning new techniques but I’m longing to mix my own colours and build my own palettes. I want to build my own jelly like pads of ink that I used when I did block printing in India. They were used for printing over 6 metres of fabric for saris. I’d love to make limited editions of fabric. I’ve been sketching out a multitude of ‘collections’ and I can’t wait to get going with all of my ideas in the new year. My sketch book is packed with some odd looking doodles but I understand my visual notes! It’s interesting how a simple line can remind me of exactly how or what I was looking at, more than a photograph.



Of course I will be sharing my journey on this blog but if it’s regular content you are after my most regular updates are on Instagram.

I try to post something every day.

You can find me here.




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