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Period Living magazine featuring block printed wallpapers and artisan designs.
Period living article on artisan printing in the United Kingdom
Article from period Living, April 2022, hand block printing and artisan prints

Period Living – April 2022 – Keeping artisanal printing skills alive

“Other artisans including Louise Altman of Out of Bounds, Rachel Winsper of Winsper Design, Speronella Marsh at Hare’s Tale and Cameron Short and Janet Tristram at Bonfield Block Printers – prefer to use lino blocks or lino sheet, echoing the wrk of forebears such as Peggy Angus and Edward Bawden.

Like all hand made skills, small scale crafts are struggling and the same is for block print as machine prints take more and more of the pie. However, I think there is a global recognition that craft is key to good design and well made sustainable practice…”

There is a painting of a moth on a white fireplace. The walls are wallpapered with a blue hand block printed wallpaper on a white background.
Hand block printed wallpaper design - Kathy in colour theme Linen + Willow
Ceramic plates in front of hand printed wallpaper
A match made in heaven. Karin Hossack's ceramics and Louise Altman wallpapers.

Karin Hossack Ceramics 

“I think I’ve found the perfect backgrounds for my ceramics! Just look at the beautiful colours that @lou.lou.loves.this uses in her hand printed wallpaper. A match made in heaven! Have a look at her feed to see her inspiration, her garden and flowers (like me) her handmade work, (like me), her attention to colour combinations (again! like me!) If you value and love surrounding yourself with handmade craft I recommend that you have a look, if you’re decorating your home and would like to embellish a wall or two with some divine bespoke pattern, DM Louise.

The artist Louise Altman stands in front of her studio shelves holding a fan of wallpaper sample books. each one is hand printed and contains a selection of hand block printed wallpapers.
Hand printed wallpapers created with hand carved blocks and made in the studio workshop of Louise Altman Wallpapers - sample books
Louise Altman from Louise Altman Wallpapers was interviewed by the team at i-Construct about her business and the mentoring scheme she entered.
Louise Altman from Louise Altman Wallpapers was interviewed by the team at i-Construct about her business and the mentoring scheme she entered.

i-Construct interview with Louise Altman

““Sometimes I’m going for a feeling, not a look. There’s an atmosphere to a room I want to draw upon, a nostalgia and a resting place. My wallpaper can contribute to that. I might want a room to feel more closed in, or more open and plan my designs accordingly.


“I think you shouldn’t just think of it as a trend, although it is currently fashionable to wallpaper walls and ceilings. The way to think about making a choice such as hand-printed wallpaper is to think of it as a positive lifestyle choice. Neither trendy nor traditional. Choosing to surround yourself with a hand-printed pattern is a positive contribution to your well-being. It’s so much better for your mental health to look at a patterned wall than to constantly be looking at a screen. Sometimes I can be watching TV and I’m on my phone at the same time and I’ll just look up my wallpaper to rest my eyes and it grounds me. Hand-printed wallpaper can be very captivating.”

Press article about Louise Altman wallpapers
Read about the block printed wallpaper process and the inspiration for Louise Altman's hand printed wallpapers

Essex Living Magazine – July 2021

““I went to India and spent some time with master block printers who print designs onto fabric. They use six metre long padded printing tables, which is the length of one sari. My printing table is two metres long which is a fifth of a roll of wallpaper. Once I’ve printed a section, I hang it on the beams of my studio to dry so I can reach and print the next area. The completed roll hangs in my studio overnight to dry. I then check it for
quality and roll it up to be packaged for my customers. Everything is made to order and I’ve usually got a waiting list.”
Louise can turn around orders in a week to ten days. She is happy to welcome visitors into her workshop to see the creative process taking place. All of Louise’s wallpapers are named after friends and family who might have inspired designs or been around her when she was working on them.

hand printed wallpaper | no feature walls
The lovely Laura Hunter from No Feature Walls standing in front of a hand printed wallpaper

Hand printed wallpaper review from No Feature Walls.

“Her wallpaper is the most artisan product I’ve ever had the pleasure of hanging, and it came up excellent as expected. Handmade wallpaper at this level has a few quirks, which I’ll come on to, but hands down this is the pinnacle of handmade wallpaper.”

“There are 4 current designs – Kathy, Veda, Meghan, and Lucy and colours can be customised. All beautiful, and reminiscent of a slightly more rustic Marthe Armitage who, lets be honest, is one of the greatest living wallpaper designers. So in short, yeah, these are good!”

hand printed wallpaper
This rich gold metallic hand printed wallpaper adds a subtle luxury to the staircase in this home

Customer review for hand printed wallpaper – Meghan

Where can I start? This wallpaper is beautiful and magically transformed my house. Every time I wake up in the morning and walk along my hallway, it makes me feel like I’m staying somewhere fancy and not my house! It brings so much interest and grandeur to my home. The wallpaper also subtly changes through the day and how the light touches it, such a great design I could look at all day. The quality feels fantastic too, and has withstood two young children knocking against it daily.

The only problem I have is now deciding which design to use across the rest of the whole house!! Thank you for such a great service from beginning to end.”

hand printed wallpaper

The Heritage Crafts Association

“It’s more important than ever before to support heritage crafts. I am an early adopter when it comes to tech and innovation but I also know that if we lose these skills we will be unable to retrieve a very unique tradition of making by hand.  I always think back to cave handprints and how we hold those early human marks in high regard. The mark of a human is impossible to replicate and we must protect it or future generations will lament our oversight.”