Louise Altman hand printed wallpaper reviews

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Hand printed wallpaper review from No Feature Walls.

“Her wallpaper is the most artisan product I’ve ever had the pleasure of hanging, and it came up excellent as expected. Handmade wallpaper at this level has a few quirks, which I’ll come on to, but hands down this is the pinnacle of handmade wallpaper.”

“There are 4 current designs – Kathy, Veda, Meghan, and Lucy and colours can be customised. All beautiful, and reminiscent of a slightly more rustic Marthe Armitage who, lets be honest, is one of the greatest living wallpaper designers. So in short, yeah, these are good!”

hand printed wallpaper

Customer review for hand printed wallpaper – Meghan

Where can I start? This wallpaper is beautiful and magically transformed my house. Every time I wake up in the morning and walk along my hallway, it makes me feel like I’m staying somewhere fancy and not my house! It brings so much interest and grandeur to my home. The wallpaper also subtly changes through the day and how the light touches it, such a great design I could look at all day. The quality feels fantastic too, and has withstood two young children knocking against it daily.

The only problem I have is now deciding which design to use across the rest of the whole house!! Thank you for such a great service from beginning to end.”

hand printed wallpaper

The Heritage Crafts Association

“It’s more important than ever before to support heritage crafts. I am an early adopter when it comes to tech and innovation but I also know that if we lose these skills we will be unable to retrieve a very unique tradition of making by hand.  I always think back to cave handprints and how we hold those early human marks in high regard. The mark of a human is impossible to replicate and we must protect it or future generations will lament our oversight.”