Louise Altman - hand printed wallpaper for sale

Out of Bounds is the name of my working studio in Rochford, Essex. I’m Louise Altman (aka Louise Best) and this is where I create my hand printed wallpaper, as well as busily printing, making artists books, bookbinding and creating illustrations. 

Wherever possible (lockdown aside) I host small classes to share insights into a creative life and to teach some of my unique making skills. 

I can offer short  courses in modern craft techniques and I encourage those with little or no experience to attend the beginner’s courses. You will be guided through the creative process to use tools and materials. There will be plenty of demonstrations of technique and you’ll do all the making. You’ll take home something to be proud of and have a new skill to explore.

At Out of Bounds you can learn a new skill, in one lesson. Perfect for group activities, there’s lots of fun and encouragement in the learning process. 

I can come to your venue to teach you, your group or society – contact me for details. 

I will teach you simple creative techniques that do not require expensive equipment. You don’t have to have drawing skills and I will help as much or as little as you like with technique, ideas and materials. We’ll plan what works best for you or your group and adapt accordingly.

All materials and tools will be provided and you will take home your creations. There will be some basic tools and equipment for sale incase you want to start on your new hobby as soon as you leave.

You can choose to attend in the day or the evening for small attentive classes. You can choose to learn different types of printmaking or bookbinding or you can join me on a bespoke printing session tailored to you. I can’t wait to show you some easy wins for some new skills.

Louise Altman


Daisy chains and dollies

Out of Bounds Studio

Louise Altman hand printed wallpaper


In the studio

Out of Bounds Philosophy

Our Creative Selves01

Taking the brave step to being more creative is admirable.

Being creative makes people happier.

All of our creative ideas are worth taking time over.

Embrace the imperfect, the handmade, the made with love.

Making and learning02

All of the beginner’s classes are designed so that you may continue making long after you leave the classes.

You’ll receive worksheets and /or access to online tutorials to prompt you when you are making at home. All the things you make are yours to take home and keep.

There are a small amount of reasonably priced supplies available at the studio to enable you to continue experimenting immediately with your new skills.

A Creative Community03

You will love what you produce in the classes, you’ll be showing the world what you made.

You will make new friends and meet like minded people.

You can stay in touch with me and your fellow participants.

Keep encouraging, sharing and following each other.

Keep connecting.


The emphasis isn’t on what you produce in the class. I genuinely want to encourage everyone into a more creative life.

The spaces between learning techniques and actual making are where you will find your own unique way.

This is where the magic is made.

I will provide everything you need to promote your making journey.

There’s an extra special place in this studio just for you.

Which class or retreat is right for you?


Learn a new skill

Day classes are designed to maximise your time. 
All levels and group bookings welcome, in your place or mine.
You’ll learn a skill, make something gorgeous and still have time to get on with your day.
Group Events

Make new friends

A class in the evening is a great way to learn something, meet like minded people and have fun.
I have classes for all levels at your venue or mine.
You’ll learn a new skill and take something home to give as a gift or inspire a new project?
Bespoke Sessions

Tailored to you

Book a session to immerse yourself in a creative day and really relax.
All inclusive, just bring you or bring a friend
I’ll teach you, provide everything and then leave you to submerge yourselves in discovery.