Welcome to the wallpaper pattern library. Click on each design to see colour variations. If you have a colour theme in mind that you can’t see, please use the contact form

Wallpaper design: KATHY

This tangle of brambles is a beautifully intricate network of thorns reminiscent of fairy tales and clambering growth. To see a variety of colour themes in this pattern click here.

Wallpaper design: VEDA

A swirl of curls, buds, tendrils and petals adorn this unique design. Inspired by a passion flower sketched at Kew Gardens in London, this design works with a dark or light colour theme. Click here to see some colour examples and to buy this wallpaper.

Title of wallpaper: MEGHAN

Lion’s ears or wild dagga inspired this rich flourish of flora. The climbing repeat looks majestic as it sweeps skyward. Click here for the full range of this design.

Title of wallpaper: DAPHNE

Simple, strong full moons promenade across this pleasing pattern. Click here for more delectable palettes. COMING SOON

Title of wallpaper: POPPY

A pattern of poppy heads in late summer nestles in this quirky flowing arrangement. For more colour options, click here. COMING SOON