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Louise Altman hand printed wallpapers are printed from hand carved printing blocks. These blocks create unique impressions and matching patterns as they are repeat printed across the paper.

Each impression requires the block to be inked and carefully placed. One roll of wallpaper might require between 50 and 100 impressions depending on the design.

All wallpapers are £145 per 10 metre roll.

Ditch the Digital

Hand printed wallpaper is an affordable luxury in a world full of digital print and pattern. When you see and feel handprinted wallpaper you’ll notice the texture and vibrancy that can only be hand created. There will be small but delightful imperfections that don’t jar the eye but emphasise the technique that signifies every single print has been carefully printed by hand.

Louise Altman patterns are inspired by the natural world and eyes that have travelled far and wide. They’ll complement a whole room or the interior of a cupboard with a legacy that embodies style and grace.

Hand block printed wallpapers are generally made to order. Our current order turnaround is 7-10 days. We carry some stock of our most popular lines.

Each 10m roll is handprinted at our studio. The minimum order is 10 metres or 1 roll.

All wallpapers are £145 per 10 metre roll.

hand printed wallpaper - block printed wallpaper - Louise Altman wallpapers
Hand printed wallpaper blocks, made in the studio workshop of Louise Altman Wallpapers - these are used to block print wallpaper