Lino Printing 1 - £25

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Lino Printing 1

In this small class for beginners you will learn the principles of printmaking.

Our beginner’s printing class is very rewarding and you can learn quickly how to carve & print linoleum with our guidance.

Very little specialist equipment is needed and once you learn the basics you’ll be fired up to dash home and start printing by yourself.

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Lino Printing 2 - £25

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Lino Printing 2 - Intermediate

Having taken the beginner’s class, you’ll be keen to try even more linoleum printing.

You’ll learn to make more intricate designs and study the basics for pattern and repeat printing as well as even more techniques for unique printing projects.

Inking up with blended colours and finding your way around registration will give you a good grounding in the technical skills of printing.

Everything is provided, even the aprons.

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Lino Printing 3 - £25

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Lino Printing 3 - Advanced

If you’ve taken our beginner’s and intermediate class we know you’ll be keen to try even more lino printing.

You’ll learn to make a simple reductive print and print in several colours bringing a new depth and life to your image.

There’ll be no stopping you after this class and you’ll have earned the right to join us at our printing open studios where you can spend a whole delicious time printing and using the studio.

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