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Do you know someone who loves plants and gardening?

This is a perfect present for a plant lover and there is no need to have had any printing experience to enjoy the creative session. The participant/s will have a stunning array of plant images printed on beautiful quality papers to keep.

The price is fixed for the whole session whether you have 1 or 2 participants.

2 is the maximum

You’ll need to contact me, Louise 07986221650 or email me HERE

We can arrange a date and I can prepare you for the session.

You’ll be picking the plants and flowers from your own garden.

We will prepare the plants and then print them so you have a permanent record of your plant life.

All inks and papers will be provided and there will also be some pressed plants ready to use for practice prints. You will be using the etching press to make your portfolio of prints and you may want to leave them to dry on my print racks for a few days. I can arrange to bring them or send them to you.

To see the array of prints you could be producing click HERE for more information.

This item will need to be booked privately with me to arrange the date and time.


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