Print Your Own Landscape £150

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Print your favourite plants

The love of plants and trees is universal and at Out Of Bounds I have developed this unique session for green fingered artists and/or gardeners. You’ll bring yourself and perhaps another person to share the session with, as well as an armful of fresh plants picked from your garden.

You don’t need any artistic or printmaking experience for this class, a love of plant forms is enough.  I will take you through the process, a step by step system for printing your plant matter. You will be advised  on the most suitable plants and leaves to gather for the session which you will need to collect prior to arrival. Weeds and grasses are as interesting and appropriate as your prize blooms!

You will create a large body of work in the session and have a whole selection of prints on gorgeous speciality papers and card. You will take all of your work home unless of course it needs to be left to dry a bit longer.

This is a very captivating session, you’ll be absorbed in the process and thrilled with the results. I will be on hand throughout to advice and assist.

This session would be a very thoughtful gift for a garden lover, if you would like to buy it as a gift then call me to discuss the details. We can fine tune the session to your liking.

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