Carve your own Rubber Stamps - £25

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Carve your own rubber stamps

This is the best class if you’re not sure where to start and don’t have any printing experience. The beginner’s class is small so you’ve got space and attention for learning this useful skill. It’s not as hard as it looks and you’ll be given all the inspiration you need to make something you’ll be proud of. Once you have made your own rubber stamps, you will feel confident enough to continue either in your own practice or to come to the advanced class.

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Carve your own Rubber Stamps 2 - £25

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Carve your own rubber stamps - Intermediate

If you’ve taken the beginner’s class, you’ll be keen to try even more rubber stamp carving.

You’ll learn to make more intricate designs and study the basics for pattern and repeat printing as well as even more techniques for unique stamping projects.

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